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Study of Communities


Furthermore, those who have chosen to live in a community find themselves having to face the daily shifts of work on the agricultural fields, hoping that the land offers a good harvest as well as worrying about the expenses necessary to pay for utilities and the investments needed to obtain renewable energy and plants.

Another of the wounds that afflicts the community is the monotony of the days and the absence of personal goals. Goals are both long-term and short-term. They give us the drive to move forward and the gratification that nourishes the mood to face life.


Everyone initially has excellent intentions, from an ethical, social and economic point of view. Many, slaves of a metropolitan system, begin with the desire to live in a wilder world: the countryside, the land, the animals are a call that few can resist. But a few months are enough to become aware of the effort it takes to work on the land, take care of the animals and live in the dust without the comforts that an apartment in the city offers, getting up at dawn and going to bed at sunset. You are irreparably catapulted into an unforeseen reality.​


Some communities we visited showed a deviation over the years and turned into real sects. That is, a community where there was a leader whom all the adepts venerated and where no one was free to do anything for themselves. It will seem illogical that they were the longest-lived ones but in reality there is a logic as to the reasons why these communities were gaining more ground. The people often tend to submit to a guide hoping to escape their responsibilities and emerge, irreparably, as victims. In short, whoever really enjoys the transformation is the promoter that everyone trusted and that no one wants to give up for fear of opening their eyes and realizing that they have thrown savings and time into a flash in the pan.

It is also important to recognize that the lack of external movement, i.e. visitors, new acquaintances, new ties and the ethical constraint of not spending an evening at the pub or pizzeria makes the experience even more depressing.

In the next pages of this site you will find out how we managed to solve every problem while maintaining the benefits of a healthy and harmonious life.

The planet is now full of communities or ecovillages, it is said that it is the new trend after the rush to the metropolis, but in all this movement there is always the tendency to create identical places. Villages or restored farmhouses and lots of dust. Few decide to join other projects and everyone wants their project to take off even though it doesn't differ from all the others at all. A lot of ego in this attitude, the overwhelming ego that doesn't allow the mind to create.

We have seen a lot of people turning their gaze towards co-housing but we have also noticed many collapsed ideas after discovering that having too many common spaces means being segregated in a room or a small apartment when you want your own solitude. Co-housing is good for kids, adults often have very different needs.

Ultimately, the difficulty of many ecovillages, cohousing or ethical community projects, is the lack of an in-depth study that guarantees the reduction of personal discomfort and the gratification of having found the ideal place in which to feel safe.

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