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It is no coincidence that we describe the place where the project stands as a “Park”. People love to visit theme parks and not only for the attraction linked to mechanical games or oddities but for the conformation of the territory with paths, well-kept lawns, flower beds and trees. The order in which each individual lives also brings order to the mind, relaxing the thought patterns and giving space, when needed, to concentration on daily goals.

The presence of water in the form of a lake and canals makes the energies and originality of the details that make up the housing units dynamic and each structure of the village attracts the attention of visitors from all over the world.

The park will therefore be made up of paths, flowerbeds and tall trees with deep-rooted roots.

There is a lake with a channel connected to it which makes the waters less stagnant and moves the energy of the whole village. The small canal meanders through many areas of the park and several wooden piers are built to cross it. Creating these canals artificially is important to allow the waters to cross the entire park and make the vegetation and fauna more dynamic. The latter is varied and has the purpose of repopulating the park with small animals in public areas to reduce the presence of excrement and damage caused by tonnage (squirrels, birds, aquatic and non-water birds) and larger animals in other areas of the village. However, every animal lives freely.

The family houses are built in raw earth (Cob-House), with one or two floors that can be walked on (based on the family nucleus and the activity of the occupants). They are independent villas arranged in random order throughout the park. The structures all have a very specific style and are unique in the world. Even the interiors (color of the rooms, fixtures, furniture...) will follow the same style. The resulting visual impact transports the minds of visitors and residents to an alternative dimension and makes their stay magical.

The park is also fenced and can only be accessed from a main entrance.

The entrance has a structure built in the same style, in raw earth.

The boundary wall is high: the fence makes the village inaccessible from the outside both physically and visually.

landscape 2_edited.jpg

The choice of the fence has not only the aim of receiving paying visitors but acts as a control both to avoid chaos by allowing anyone to access, and to make residents safe from ill-intentioned or vandalism. (Inside the village, resident children are free to play and move around without any restrictions).

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