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We are very proud of our project as we believe that the world today needs decisive change on every front.

At the basis of all wars, of every criminal attitude, of every abuse, there is a lack of respect that arises from an erroneous interpretation of those who fought to create a harmonious and peaceful world community.

The sense of family, too often, is understood as a series of obligations on the part of adults towards minors and vice versa, but these obligations lead to conflicts and conflicts, hatred and frustration.

Education, which should represent the fulcrum of our principles because it instills the importance of altruistic respect, is often treated with condescension and superficiality.

Work, which should help each individual to fulfill himself by combining mind and body in self-determination and personal gratification, is undermined by men who have transformed it into an enslaving and demeaning weapon.

Science, which aims to facilitate human beings in their functionality, to push them to explore unfathomable worlds with their own abilities and to prolong their existence in a healthy and balanced way, today makes them slaves of non-existent realities and instigates them against his fellow men, it controls them and creates social inequality based on power and money.

Nature, mother of every moment of our existence, is ignored, disfigured, plundered and even poisoned as one would do with a virus or bacterium that jeopardizes our existence.

So the world travels by extremism, pushing to the limit in one direction and consequently in the opposite one hoping to find the solution to one's discomforts.



The balance of a society in which values ​​are no longer imposed but understood and embraced; in which nature can at times proliferate luxuriantly or merge with humanity in a work of harmonious coexistence; the equilibrium of a family where respect does not arise from a rule but from the analysis of a behavior; of those who learn to accept the individual choices of every thinking being without losing respect or imposing their own concepts; the balance of a science that improves its users and does not take over; finally, the balance of being free to believe in what you believe, to wear clothes  that  describe   who  we  are,   to  love  everyone

indiscriminately,  bonding  more  to  those  who  correspond  to our  feelings  in a harmonious and profound way.

Our project does not have the sole purpose of involving some souls in this paradisiacal existence but of spreading a voice that is now ripe to be heard. The echo of this voice will be reflected in every corner of the planet and will change its conflictual structure into a harmonic path to peace.

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