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By mutual agreement we have decided not to elect a spiritual leader in this project as experience teaches that giving too much power to one man inevitably leads to social differentiation so the only difference between members will be linked to the period of adherence to the community. The first to arrive will be entitled to "temporary benefits".

Residents will belong to three categories.


The founding members are those who have committed themselves to making the project come true.

They will have the following benefits:

- They will have the right to a villa before any other acquired member;

- The trial period will be shorter;

- They can be part of the project regardless of their role and skills;

- They will have the right to vote from the moment they join the project;

- They will be able to meet and get to know the founders in their countries of residence.




Temporary members are those who joined after the construction of the first structures and the start of activities. They will differ from the founding members with the following characteristics:

- They will have to wait until all the founders have obtained their own homes and then follow the waiting list for memberships.

- They will have a trial period of 6 months, at the end of which the founders will decide if the individual or the family unit resonates with the project.

- They will be able to be part of the project only if their role reflects the needs of the village. (gardener, electrician etc...)

- They will have the right to vote after at least one year of stay.

- To get to know the founders personally they will have to go to the village headquarters.

P.S. (The aforementioned rules may vary according to the needs of the project and with the approval of all the founding members)


Effective members are those who have passed the first six months of trial and have been admitted to the community. They differ from the founders only on the decision-making power which will grow on the basis of the contribution given to the community or with the length of stay.

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