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The village has many housing units of different sizes based on the family constellation and the activity carried out by its occupants.

The houses are scattered throughout the village and can be reached via paths that branch off from the main road and which can only be traveled on foot.

All the housing units have the same architectural style both externally and internally but the details are made in different colors.


At the center stands a dome, aesthetically integrated into nature, inside which there is a restaurant, a cafeteria, reception accommodation, a conference room and facilities.

The village is fenced, has a single public access road and two secondary exits. The first in the direction of wooded and natural areas for the creation of educational workshops and walks, the second is a service exit.

At the entrance there is a construction that serves as a ticket office, reception, sorting and information office.

There are secondary edifices that have various functions to facilitate the livability of the village itself. (toilets, order service, medical facility for first aid, equipment depots, facilities for artistic exhibitions, etc...).


There are also special facilities, accessible only to residents including the vault, a rehearsal room, a meeting room and storage.


The works of art are scattered along the park, such as sculptures, installations, fountains etc. Even the benches, lampposts, houses and any other usable construction look like a work of art due to the aesthetic and architectural style.


The visual impact generated by the buildings in the landscape full of flowers, trees and meadows transports every visitor to a fantastic world where everything is possible.

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